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ASTRA 2005

Prevention and Education Program

- Basic training on human trafficking issue for border police officers.

- Two basic trainings under the title “Child Trafficking – Education and Prevention” for 50 teachers, pedagogues and psychologists employed in secondary schools in border municipalities.

- Training for new ASTRA’s activities.

- Media campaign “Save the Children from Human Trafficking” run by the organization Save the Children. The campaign included, among other things, the distribution of materials and the broadcasting of TV spots which contained ASTRA SOS Hotline number.

- Preventive activities targeting youth (REM concert, Eastern music festival in Šabac).

- Trainings in five towns – Niš, Novi Pazar, Novi Sad, Podgorica and Belgrade for professionals from local NGOs and local media (ASTRA, in cooperation with BBC World Service Trust, European Center for Broadcast Journalism and NGO Ruga me Pisha from Tirana, Albania).

- Workshops for 60 senior-year students of the Faculty of Political Sciences, Journalism Dpt (ASTRA in cooperation with BBC World Service Trust and European Center for Broadcast Journalism).

- A workshop “Human Rights Monitoring and Reporting” for the students of Diplomacy Academy.

- Lecturer at a series of trainings “Child Trafficking in Serbia – A Threat and A Reality” organized by NGOs Child Rights Center for professionals from local media, the judiciary, the police, social welfare centers and NGOs.

- Lecturer at four seminars on fighting human trafficking for social welfare professionals in the organization of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Policy.

- Lecturer at a training for 120 students of the Police Secondary School in Sremska Kamenica organized by International Center for Migration Policy Development.

- Public sessions on combating human trafficking in Kruševac, Šabac and Vranje.

- Lecturers at two basic trainings on trafficking in human beings organized in Belgrade by Red Cross for their municipal organizations.

SOS Hotline and Victim Assistance

- Within SOS Hotline and Direct Assistance Program, in 2005 ASTRA received 1788 calls made by 487 clients. Of this figure, 59 were identified as trafficked victims who were provided with medical, legal and psychological assistance.

- Monitoring of court cases of trafficking in human beings (prosecuted under Article 111b of the Criminal Law of the Republic of Serbia), in which ASTRA clients appeared as victims/witnesses.

Research and Reporting

- A coalition of nongovernmental organizations, gathering ASTRA, Belgrade Center for Human Rights, Child Rights Center and Group 484 presented, in May 2005, an Alternative Report on the implementation of UN Convention on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Serbia and Montenegro to the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

- The project “Human Trafficking – Understanding of the Problem”, implemented in cooperation with BBC World Service Trust and European Center for Broadcast Journalism, also included two focus groups which analyzed how much an average citizen of Serbia knew on human trafficking and what their opinion was regarding the quality of media reporting on this issue. Moreover, an analysis of print media in Serbia was conducted, examining the coverage of human trafficking.

- ASTRA E-Newsletter.


- Basic training on human trafficking for the activists of NGO Esperanca; after the training Esperanca joined ASTRA Network.

- Meetings of ACTA and a number of trainings organized by ACTA aimed at institutional development of ACTA members.

- ASTRA became a member of HPVPI Network of NGOs and GOs operating in the whole territory of Serbia and Montenegro. This Network’s mission is HIV/AIDS prevention and damage control among vulnerable groups and persons living with HIV/AIDS.

- ASTRA became a member of the Network against gender-Based Violence which was founded at the initiative of NGO Autonomous Women’s Center at the conference “Getting Connected for Change” held in Belgrade on September 2-4, 2005.

- ASTRA attended the meetings of “The Network of Trust” which was established at the initiative of Incest Trauma Center from Belgrade and which gathers institutions and NGOs dealing with the problem of violence, especially violence against women and children.

- As a member of the National Team for Combating Human trafficking, ASTRA attended the meetings of this Team, as well as the meetings of the Working Group for victim assistance and the Working Group for child trafficking prevention. As a coordinator of the Working Group for prevention and education, ASTRA chaired three meetings during 2005.

- As one of the members of the Anti-Trafficking Advisory Body, ASTRA participated in the creation of the Anti-Trafficking Strategy.

ASTRA’s previous activities

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